'Specialists in therapeutic residential care for adolescents with emotional behavioural difficulties'


Southern Adolescent Care Services believes in the importance of education for young people in our care. We aim to make a positive difference and, through education, we try to build confidence, self esteem and self determination.

Education can be provided through a number of options:

  • Mainstream school
  • Pupil Referral Unit
  • The Education Centre (for Emotional Behavioural Difficulties)
  • Brinsbury Campus of Chichester College
  • Learning Electronically On-Line
  • Other specialist private schools within West Sussex
  • Through home tuition provided by qualified tutors and support by employees

We maintain ongoing relationship with many educational establishments in the area allowing us to offer the most suitable and appropriate placements for young people on arrival.

We recognise that education may be seen by some young people as a negative or problem area they would rather not deal with. We will still attempt to reintegrate them, but recognise in these situations that we need to start by reinforcing some positivity around the subject of education. We will make use of our in house tutors and employees to introduce the young person to 'fun learning', for example learning about their interests, using arts and crafts, learning through outings and trips. This is the start of a programme which will work towards re-engaging them in to education that will be devised by the Care Manager, Key-worker and our Education Co-Ordinator.

For young people who have the capability of attending school or college, we endeavour to make the transition as easy as possible. If they are already in a suitable placement, we will continue to support them in this, and if not, we will work closely with the young person and the social worker to identify the most suitable placement as quickly as possible. In the time it takes to arrange this, our in-house teachers will provide tuition based on their educational background.

Our Aims:

  • wherever possible, re-integrate students into mainstream education enabling them to pursue courses at local schools and colleges
  • carry out an assessment on arrival (performed by our qualified Education Co-Ordinator)
  • identify the best placement and liaise with the Authorities responsible and the identified educational establishment so this happens as quickly as possible
  • ensure placements that allow the young person to achieve their full potential