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Equality & Diversity Policy


Southern Adolescent Care Services is committed to the promotion of equality and diversity, taking all possible steps to eliminate discrimination throughout our organisation.

1. Respect and individualism are vital qualities to promote throughout our organisation
2. Provision of equal opportunities are an integral part of all of our processes
3. We aim to show a true representation of our society


The purpose of this policy is to provide equality and fairness for all. We believe our responsibility for equality is wider than just the areas covered by present legislation. Southern Adolescent Care Services is committed to the prevention of any type of direct, indirect, perception, discrimination by association, harassment, third party harassment, and victimisation and promote equal opportunities.

Protected Characteristics

Protected characteristics are as follows:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender and gender reassignment identity
  • Race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin
  • Religious or other beliefs or non belief
  • Sexual orientation
  • Health
  • Marital status, civil partnership status, family circumstances or caring responsibilities
  • Trade Union Membership/non-membership or involvement in related activities
  • Any other ground that cannot be shown to be justified

This covers anyone who is associated or perceived to have a protected characteristic.

We will do this by:

  • Promoting equality of opportunity
  • Promoting social justice
  • Promotion and teaching of individuals’ rights
  • Targeting services to support the most vulnerable people
  • Providing positive action measures

This policy is based on the key principles of equality, social inclusion, respect, engagement, visibility and shared responsibility.

All young people, employees, contractors and visitors to the organisation will be treated fairly. Selection processes will be based on aptitude and ability and we will encourage all to develop their full potential and promote the individual skills and abilities.

There may be limited times when we may need to target a specific group for example to maintain an appropriate gender balance during recruitment. At these times, the reasons will be made clear and the monitoring process will be maintained.

Responsibility and Awareness

Southern Adolescent Care Services are of the opinion that everyone is responsible for ensuring they act according to this policy. However, we do acknowledge that it is the responsibility of the management team, supervisors and the HR Officer to ensure training and support is delivered, and that monitoring systems are in place to ensure employees understand and act in accordance with this policy.


In order to maintain equal opportunities, Southern Adolescent Care Services will recognise trade unions should any employee belong to, or make use of, such a group. Similarly, if a request is put forward to form a trade union, the organisation will consider this request in line with this policy.


  • Recognise and value individual differences and contributions
  • Promote dignity and respect to all
  • Not to tolerate discrimination, intimidation, bullying or harassment
Raise awareness
  • Train all individuals to implement equality
  • Encourage and suggest ways to achieve these objectives
  • Use meetings as a means of raising awareness
Good Practice
  • Opportunities that arise are available to all
  • Communicate and attempt to meet the needs of each individual
  • Improve the quality and standard of service delivered
  • Monitoring process to ensure implementation
  • Annual review process of this policy
  • This policy has been agreed by Senior Management
  • Suggestions for change will be considered by the Senior Management Team