'Specialists in therapeutic residential care for adolescents with emotional behavioural difficulties'


Best Care Home Around

Best care home around 100%.  All the staff are lovely and really have helped people!  (Ex-Resident)

Pleasure working with all at Little Trees

Can I take this opportunity to say it was a pleasure working with all at Little Trees. I think you all worked really hard and it was a testament to this work and commitment you showed to the young person that he was able to maintain his placement for as long as he did! Genuinely… many thanks and I hope our paths cross again. - Social Worker

SACs was the first place to actually get through to me

The little monkeys should definitely take the help you offer as SACs was the first place to actually get through to me... I remember all the social workers couldn't work out why my behaviour improved so much when I moved to Crawley! SACs is still some of the best times of my life! - Ex-resident

Excellent home standard

Excellent home standard with helpful boundary setting and monitoring of young people ~ keep up the good work! - Social Worker